Recycling laptops to revolutionise learning for the CINDI K kids

October 14, 2017

Recycling laptops to revolutionise learning for the CINDI K kids

Citizens, a quick update on CINDI K, last year we had the opportunity to acquire some second hand laptops which were no longer required. As a result we thought back to when we visited the CINDI K school, on the last trip to Ndola, Zambia. Although the community school was doing an amazing job at trying to give the orphaned kids a chance to succeed, there didn't seem to be any computers or even any other form of digital equipment to aide learning. The only equipment visible at the time were some old, dusty black boards and chalk being used to educate the children.

Traditional Blackboard Cindi K, Ndola, Zambia

Having worked in the field of IT, it was easy to realise the potential the use of computers would bring to the teachers and kids at CINDI K and so Victoria and I immediately decided to obtain fifteen laptops which we would somehow try and get to Ndola, especially as sending parcels on this scale wasn't something we had done before.

Thankfully there was some free learning software  on the internet which I was able to use and this meant not having to pay for the expensive licences. The free learning software was geared towards kids of all ages from Preschool to secondary school and after prepping each laptop we manged to send them on the ever eager kids with the help of the good folks at Ladder of Hope (LOH).

recycling Laptops Cindi K, Ndola, Zambia      recycling Laptops for Cindi K, Ndola, Zambia

After what seemed like years (really only a few months) the laptops eventually made their way to CINDI K and we got word back from Chris, the director at CINDI K and other volunteers that the kids are really enjoying the new laptops and learning skills they never thought possible. The addition of the laptops is allowing them to progress their learning and aiding their preparation in gaining the computer literacy that will take them forward in years to come.

Cindi K kids learning using laptops, Ndola, Zambia

We're really glad that we were able to recycle these laptops and put them to good use but also this wouldn't have been possible without you. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the followers, who have supported us by liking and generally taking an interest as it has kept us motivated in continuing the work we try and do.

Until next time Citizens, thanks for stopping by and as always, here's wishing you the best version of yourself.

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