About Us


KOCHIBA is your new way of thinking, its you feeling inspired and motivated, using the 168 hours in the week to live & feel alive, refusing to just exist, knowing that time is yours, you own it, you savour it. We know every individual is different or as unique as the wood grain on a KOCHIBA timepiece. Citizen, get ready to adopt a fresh style and proudly express your individualism, because you are one of a kind. Not only does KOCHIBA exhibit your stylish taste but its also an extension of your positive spirit and in spreading positive vibes we will always strive to bring you fashionable and beautifully crafted all natural wood timepieces, this is our guarantee to you.

What are we about?

American Author, Henry David Thoreau  once wrote:

"Be not simply good - be good for something." 

KOCHIBA was created out of a need to be unique, stylish and socially responsible. More than just another brand, we wanted to create a name that was conscious and forward looking. We embrace Scotland's history of standing up and speaking out for those in need as well as its willingness to assist the less fortunate, from protests against South African apartheid, in 1970s Glasgow to a George Square vigil supporting refugees fleeing persecution and conflict, in 2015. Citizen in keeping with this proud nation's tradition, KOCHIBA pledge that all our future products will be aligned to a social responsibility, bringing you a positive brand whilst hopefully inspiring others to follow in the same footsteps and help create change globally. Welcome to the KOCHIBA NATION Citizen, hold your head high & let your positive spirit shine.