How am I helping Women and girls across the globe?

Thanks to you, your purchase is making a difference for women from Lima to Kathmandu. Citizens, in several countries around the world, women and girls face discrimination and violence as a result of their gender.
One wrist at a time, we pledge £2 of each sale to our partner Womankind Worldwide, bringing positive change for women and girls.

How? Through securing women’s livelihoods

Violence affects 1 in 3 women and girls globally. Through Womankind's assistance, local women's rights groups are tackling the root causes of violence by educating and empowering women and working with communities to challenge gender based inequality. 

This short animation from Womankind shows Meron's story of how local women's rights group working in her community helped her learn about the rights she and her daughters were entitled to and so in turn enable her to move forwards from the violence they experienced.


Another typical story is that of Fanta in Sierra Leone.

Fanta Sewing

If there was no WPJP, I don’t think I could have survived it. I know now that women can stand on their own without a husbandFanta, Sierra Leone

At 12 years old, Fanta had to abandon her education as her parents couldn't afford her school fees and at the age of 18 she was forced to marry an older man she didn’t know who was very violent towards her. Fanta felt trapped and as though she couldn't leave him as she had nowhere to go and no way of providing for her children.
It wasn't until a friend told her about Womankind’s partner organisation WPJP, that she went to their centre where she received counselling and the support she needed which allowed her to leave her husband and take her case to the authorities. Through their support she was also able to do a tailoring course and now makes a living tailoring clothes to support herself and her children.

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