How am I spreading positive vibes across the globe?
Thanks to you, your purchase is making a difference for women from Lima to Kathmandu. Citizens, in several countries around the world, women and girls face discrimination and violence as a result of their gender.
One wrist at a time, we pledge £2 of each sale to our partner Womankind Worldwide, bringing positive change for women and girls.
Securing women’s livelihoods
If there was no WPJP, I don’t think I could have survived it. I know now that women can stand on their own without a husband” Fanta, Sierra Leone
Fanta had to leave school when she was 12 as her parents couldn’t afford the fees. At 18 she was forced to marry an older man she didn’t know. He was very violent towards her. Fanta felt hat she could leave him as she had nowhere to go and no way of providing for her children.
But when a friend told her about Womankind’s partner organisation WPJP, and she went to their centre, Fanta received counselling and the support she needed to do a tailoring course. She left her husband and took her case to the authorities. And now she makes a living tailoring clothes to support herself and her children.
Your support could help more women like Fanta in Sierra LeoneFanta Sewing
In the next four years:
- We’ll help 200 women who were not able to finish school to receive training
- They will learn about local savings schemes, community banking and business management, which will enable them to gain their independence, live free from violence and support their families
In the last 26 years, Womankind has helped more than 18 million women and their families to transform their lives and communities by working in partnership with women's rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
With your support we can create lasting change
- For individuals – by providing practical support, training and information to help women and girls to claim their rights
- For communities – by changing attitudes and supporting women and girls to speak out together and act collectively
- The bigger picture – by campaigning nationally and internationally for governments, agencies and donors to promote and protect women’s rights
To learn more about Womankind's work please visit their web site:
Womankind Worldwide